How to Make a Dropshipping Store in 2018 & Beyond!

Dropshipping has become a popular business model for beginners or those who don’t have $10,000 to $20,000 to start a brand or to do Amazon FBA.

Most people recommend Shopify which is great and very user friendly. It also has the security taken care of, is mobile responsive and all you need to do is import the product.

But less people know you can do the exact same thing with WordPress. Yes it’s a little bit more work, when it comes to maintaining it. But it gives you amazing freedom and customisability when it comes to design and also of the plugins/app are free.

You will need to install and activate the ecommerce plugin WooCommerce and you will need the AliDropship plugin – which virtually helps you easily import the product directly from AliExpress. It will also help you semi automate the fulfilment process.

If you want to learn how to set it up from scratch, I recommend you check out this tutorial by Hogan.


How to Make an eCommerce website using WordPress

How to make an ecommerce website seems daunting, especially for anyone who wants to start up an online store. The good news is that it’s rather simple design a website for eCommerce. All you need to do is to find an easy to use website builder. WordPress not only offers exactly that, but many templates specifically designed for eCommerce and guides to help you along the way.

Here are a few tips on how to make a website using WordPress’s website builder: 

Use Free Website Templates 
Designing a website from scratch is rather challenging, but if you know exactly what you want to do, WordPress website builder has many options for you to play with. For those who are not quite sure what they want, the best place to start to make a website is a template. The eCommerce category (in the “Create” section of WordPress), is chock full of excellent templates with excellent layouts you can use for free.

Use a Minimalist Approach 
The good point of going minimalist to make a website, especially for eCommerce, is that there are fewer items per page which increase the importance of each of those items. The more detail there is, the less weight is assigned to each element, and the less likely customers are going to notice specific items. Psychologically speaking, open and minimal designs are often perceived as stylish and fashionable. Designs that are packed with details and brightly colored are often perceived as playful and low-cost. Make sure to consider your store’s products and decide which way you want to go. Even if you’re not sure, the website builder allows you to easily change and modify elements and color as you go.

Clear Site Navigation 
Navigation is one of the key elements because you want your customers to be able to easily move through your website to find the products they want to buy. Additionally, search engines pull information from your menus about your website’s infrastructure. So your menus should be clear and legible. Each menu item should make sense as to where it leads. The menus should also be in a highly visible position on the pages of your website. WordPress’s website builder makes all of this easy with the various types of menus and buttons.

Stick to a Color Scheme 
The color scheme of your website is very important. While it is best to decide this ahead of time, WordPress allows great flexibility in changing these at any time during the creation process. Minimalist color schemes usually involve 2 or 3 colors that are assigned to certain elements such as titles, headers or background. You want to have a unified, consistent look to your website so that the importance is put on the content of your shop rather than the design of the website. Pick colors that convey the message that you want to put out there. Depending upon the energy you want, you may want bold colors or gentle colors or a mix. Complimentary or contrasting colors are neither right or wrong inherently, the choice should to match your products. If you are selling old-fashioned, hand-crafted items, you may want to use softer colors. If you’re selling trendy handbags for teens, you may want to choose bright colors.

Product Display 
To display images of your products, galleries are the best way to go. Rather than lining up a bunch of pictures on a page, galleries gives you control over the look and interface of your images. Through the gallery settings, you can easily change the spacing between images, the size of the images, the type of menus, color as well as give each image a title and description. You can design a unique and appealing display that best reflects your needs.

Proceed to Checkout 
Last, but not least is the shopping cart. This is the heart of your website. This tool is similar to the image gallery except that you have added settings for the price for each product, currency and other details about the products. The eCommerce shopping cart is very simple to set up, but you have to upgrade to premium before activating it.
Following this plus reviewing WordPress’s guides will enable you to know how to make an ecommerce website that will meet your needs as well as be successful.

The importance of making your own website

Coming up with a powerful effective website is seen as a perfect approach to business growth and development. This is because it draws you closer to your clients and helps you involve them in an effective campaign that makes them realize your business deals, new projects and any of the upcoming events that you may want to involve them. If you want to make a name in the business world and save good amount of money, you must first learn to make a website for free. The DIY concept in website design is usually seen as a great goal and a professional outcome that highly helps you manage your business.

A functioning website highly involves customers from all walks of life. It is easily interpreted as strong marketing tool that with no doubt catapults you to greater levels of development and business growth. Customers are always searching online to find a true, open-minded and positive thinking person who sells quality products via their website. They want a website that clearly answers their queries and a website that offers up to date information and other knowledgeable facts about the organization’s products. If you dedicate yourself to learn some free website design tutorials online, you will definitely come up with an appealing, quality an easy to operate site that has all the necessary information needed by the customers out there.

WordPress offers many beginners the best platform for building a functioning website. There are many other reasons that put it more popular and the right tool to use. It is much easier to operate and since it offers beginners a lot of free will and great designs that will help them master the art of creativity. It offers a majority of people beautiful themes and classy templates and this makes them to progress well as they rival other established websites. As a beginners-friendly site, it offers users more plugins that handle other sites you can ever imagine-this involves close interactions with gorgeous business pages to many of the social networking sites. WordPress is also used by eBay, Facebook, Mozilla, MacAfee, Google Ventures, NASA and CNN. A great website should be one that is mobile friendly and one that will easily function and operate in any of the Smartphone devices as well as tablets.

Websites are important not only in targeting a niche clientele, but in helping you diverse your products and at the same time gain more knowledge and experience on what your rival companies to do reach a far audience. As a small scale business person, you will need to minimize your expenses and use your money the smart way. One of the best approaches is avoiding hiring a web designer who charge higher cost when it comes to designing and developing a functional website. This is something you can easily manage as long as you follow some perfect free online tutorials. Learn to make a website for free on YouTube and you will definitely feel great to see how you can turn a small business to a well established online company.