Seoul Scholars International School is located in Dachi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea. It was founded with the goal to provide high standard secondary education, especially to those who aspire to study abroad. The school accepts 8th to 12th grade students and prepares them for the next stage of their academic careers. In order to promote intellectual maturity, independence, discipline and best-explained curriculum, expert instructors have been chosen to serve the academic posts of International School Seoul. To further enhance academics and well-roundedness, SSI also offers opportunities to study abroad both during the academic year and after graduation.


Seoul Scholars International offers students a wide range of academic courses which includes:

· English.

· Social studies and AP social studies.

· STEM i.e., mathematics, science and technology.

· Foreign languages like Chinese and Spanish.


The SSI seeks intellectually curious and motivated students. It is the admission committee that assesses individual applicant potential and offers admission based on the following steps:

Step 1: Submit Application Form

Step 2: The entrance test which consists of Math and English and the Interview calls are directed individually to the potential candidates.

Step 3: Accepted student receives further instructions on the remaining admission process and school policies.

Application forms can be downloaded from the official website


Besides providing excellent academics, the School also offers extracurricular activities. These include the following:

Model United Nations

Students who enjoy research and debates can join Model United Nations (MUN). MUN promotes teamwork and allows students to explore that which will impact the world.


The SSI orchestra brings students who have the passion for music together.


SSI volleyball team plays DoDEA schools throughout the week.

Art club

Students who love the arts can meet after class to exchange ideas and practice their craft.

Student Council

Student Council intends to promote a sense of campus unity among students, stimulates interest and offers opportunities for every student in the International School Seoul.

Book Club

The Book Club promotes literacy by encouraging students to read.

Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club carries on the tradition of recording and publishing a chronicle of the academic year by producing SSI’s annual yearbook. Students in grades 9-12 who are interested in journalism, photography and/ or graphic design are encouraged to join as members of the staff.


Students can learn the basic to advanced skills, learn strategies and stay fit by joining basketball club.

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club welcomes students who are interested in learning more about Chinese history, culture, and language to join us.


The Seoul Scholars International is accredited and recognised by the following bodies:

· AdvancED accreditation

· NIPSA accreditation, the National Independent Private Schools Association

· Cambridge International School.

· As an ACT test centre, students may register to take the ACT test at SSI.

· The Korea Council of Overseas Schools (KORCOS) located in South Korea.

· SIWA, Seoul’s premier international women’s organisation

For those willing to stand out in today’s increasing academic challenges and willing to get a high standard education that will focus both on academic and personality aspects of the students, International School Seoul is the gateway. You are invited to come and talk about SSI programs.

The importance of making your own website

Coming up with a powerful effective website is seen as a perfect approach to business growth and development. This is because it draws you closer to your clients and helps you involve them in an effective campaign that makes them realize your business deals, new projects and any of the upcoming events that you may want to involve them. If you want to make a name in the business world and save good amount of money, you must first learn to make a website for free. The DIY concept in website design is usually seen as a great goal and a professional outcome that highly helps you manage your business.

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WordPress offers many beginners the best platform for building a functioning website. There are many other reasons that put it more popular and the right tool to use. It is much easier to operate and since it offers beginners a lot of free will and great designs that will help them master the art of creativity. It offers a majority of people beautiful themes and classy templates and this makes them to progress well as they rival other established websites. As a beginners-friendly site, it offers users more plugins that handle other sites you can ever imagine-this involves close interactions with gorgeous business pages to many of the social networking sites. WordPress is also used by eBay, Facebook, Mozilla, MacAfee, Google Ventures, NASA and CNN. A great website should be one that is mobile friendly and one that will easily function and operate in any of the Smartphone devices as well as tablets.

Websites are important not only in targeting a niche clientele, but in helping you diverse your products and at the same time gain more knowledge and experience on what your rival companies to do reach a far audience. As a small scale business person, you will need to minimize your expenses and use your money the smart way. One of the best approaches is avoiding hiring a web designer who charge higher cost when it comes to designing and developing a functional website. This is something you can easily manage as long as you follow some perfect free online tutorials. Learn to make a website for free on YouTube and you will definitely feel great to see how you can turn a small business to a well established online company.

Bumper Repairs – The Economical Solution To Your Bumper Problem

You probably already know that bumper repairs is the most common kind of repair work done on car bodies nowadays. This is due to the fact that majority of car bumpers are designed only to handle low density collisions with objects such as shopping carts and trolleys. At best, they can mostly handle minor impact collisions with other vehicles. Such slight damages can be repaired easily at any auto body repair shop. Such damages are mostly limited to minor cracks in the bumpers.

before after

On the other hand, under certain conditions, usually high impact collisions with the other vehicles, bigger and wider cracks develop on the bumpers. Of course, this can prove to be quite unsightly. Many people would normally like to have one layer of resin poured on the crack and a good paint job done to help cover the crack. Nevertheless, any additional pressure may widen the crack further and cause more inconvenience to you. Therefore, you are left with just two choices, either purchase a new bumper or have your current one repaired.

In contrast to what majority of car owners believe, it’s generally more costly to purchase a new bumper. Surveys show that the cheapest bumper costs no less than three hundred pounds. But, many people prefer buying new bumpers because they think it’s easier and more convenient to purchase a new bumper compared to getting the current one repaired by a professional technician.

before and after repairs

Getting your car repaired by a specialized technician is much more affordable than purchasing a new pumper. This is the easiest way to get your bumper to look as good as new. Using techniques which involve boring of holes into the car bumper, and filling the crack up with appropriate fast acting resin, they can completely cover up the cracks. This process is then followed up by sanding, priming, painting, and then finally lacquering the car bumper to the manufacturer’s specifications.

K1 Motors is a car repair workshop based in Clayton, about twenty five minutes from Melbourne CBD. In case you need a bumper repair or want to know more about their procedure, please visit:

A Review for Circle Lenses

Circle lenses are eye-wear that is commonly referred to as contacts. People use them under the prescription of a doctor as well as fashion items (not prescribed by a doctor). Statistics show that most people prefer this type of lenses to the normal ones. This is because of the associated benefits. One, they are available in a wide range of options for their colour, design and pattern.

angela baby circle lenses

Therefore, an individual is able to choose an item that suits his or her taste and style. For instance, someone can choose to have lenses that have black, brown or blue colours depending on one’s preference. Two, some people like changing the way their eyes appear. These lenses are perfect for such persons because they are able to change the eyes’ shape. Three, most firms that manufacture these products enable customers to buy custom-made lenses, ensuring that they meet the intended requirements.

Another aspect that makes people choose circle lenses is the comfort they provide whenever someone wears them. This is because they are only available in the soft format, which enables them to follow your eyes’ shape. As a result, you can wear them for as long as twelve months, which has associated benefits. First, you will not have to spend time visiting a doctor or a lenses’ shop. With this advantage, you will not interrupt your schedule for purposes of changing your eye-wear. Secondly, considering that you will not be changing the contacts after a few months, you will save some money that you can put into some other use.

brown circle lensHowever, the circle lenses require delicate care because they are only available in the soft format, which makes them quite delicate. Moreover, you need to ensure that you visit an authorized dealer of the lenses in order to ensure that you get the right quality. Otherwise, you might purchase fake products that might not be comfortable.

NBR Float – Leaders in Designing Materials to Protect, Empower and Connect the World

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