All You Need To Know About Smart Pens

Technology is wildly dynamic in nature and in a world where Google exists you’d expect it to be. The newest in thing currently is the smart pen. It has proven without a shadow of a doubt that it is a must have be it when using it for an upgrade of lifestyle, business activities or even school work; it is a perfect fit for all these applications. It has exceptional properties up its sleeve that make it so much reliable. The Neo Smart Pen N2 (which can be found here) is a brand that should leave you baffled due to its excellence and smartness when it comes to writing notes, handling them all the way to storing them in the most reliable of manners.


Other brands of these smart pens are such as the livescribe smart pen and Equil smart pen which have their own bits and bolts that make them a bit unique from one other. However, the Neo Smart Pen N2 may prove to be the smartest of them all given to its high end gadgetry which is perfectly tucked away in its small power house. Its hardware grants some to-die-for specifications which include a central processing unit i.e. an application processor, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth as well USB connectivity, a rechargeable lithium polymer battery which sees it through 125 days in standby mode, 5 hours in constant usage and 3 days while in normal usage, an LED display which indicates three different kinds of states (low charge, paired mode and ON mode) and a reliable digital memory for storing your notes.

Additionally, it is well sizeable given to its pen-like dimensions and it is well suitable for pairing with both android jelly bean i.e. android 4.1.2 and iPhone 5 operating systems as well as higher versions of these operating systems. All of these specifications put together give you the ideal smart pen that you could ask for.

However, the pen itself maybe smart but it requires a special kind of paper which utilizes Ncode technology for it to be functional. This uniquely made paper contains a series of microscopic character patterns which instruct the pen what is being written. Rather than making use of a ball point like your run in the mill pen, it uses a camera which scans 120 frames every second while precisely detecting the pressure with which you are holding it against the paper. It is well suitable for both online and offline use which means you can write your notes and store them on the smart pen’s memory as you do so after which you can later on transfer and store on your smart phone via a specially designed companion application. The alternative would be to switch on pairing mode on your smart pen so that it stays connected to your smart phone or digital device and as you take down your notes it will automatically save them on it.

According to consumer reviews the experience that you derive from the Neo Smart Pen N2 is excellent especially once you charge it to full capacity before you use it. Furthermore it is extremely easy to use as everything is a walk in the park.